Friday, August 29, 2008

Winners of the 2008 Teen Photography Contest

The Cape May County library is pleased to announce the winners of the “2008 Cape May County Library Teen Photography Contest.”

The library received one-hundred and twenty-six color and black and white photographs taken by teens that were judged by experts that included Diane Hamilton, Librarian, Cape May County Library who holds a BFA in Film & TV from New York University; John Reilly, Professional Photographer of Sunrise Sunset Video Productions, and Cheryl Crews, Professional Artist, Adjunct Professor of Art at Atlantic Cape Community College, and the founding president of the Aquarian Project.

Sponsored by Sturdy Savings Bank, cash prizes were awarded to the following:
· Grand Prize - Nona Poehler, Age 17 of North Cape May for “The Rain Puddle”
· Category - Local Interest:
1st Place - Brandon Obermeier, Age 17of Cape May for “Wave at Casino Pier””
2nd Place - Angela Harron, Age 13 of Townbank for “Where’s the Water”
3rd Place - Joe Reighn, Age 15 of Ocean View for “Still Shot of Bike in Front of Gate”
Honorable Mentions were awarded to: Danielle Tamburilla, Age 18 of Petersburg for “My Back Yard;” Dana Burick, Age 17 of Sea Isle City for “Sea Isle City,” and Shawn Stone, Age 16 of Uniontown , Ohio for “Duck Called Crazy Chick,” taken in Sea Isle City.
Category – Nature:
1st Place - Angela Harron, Age 13 of Townbank for “Ghost Crab”
2nd Place - Christopher Borkowski, Age 19 of Cape May for “Female Halloween Pennant”
3rd Place - Derrek Lutz, Age 16 of Villas for “Tranquil”
Honorable Mentions were awarded to: Meaghan Joyce, Age 13 of Cape May for “Wasatch River; Aaren Barge, Age 14 of Cape May for “Sedona l,” and Alex Leber, Age 17 of Cape May for “Beach Glass”
Category – People and Pets:
1st Place - Sarah Jefferis, Age 13 of Cape May for “Self Portrait at Top of the Cape May Point Lighthouse”
2nd Place - Amanda Knight, Age 17 of Villas for “Three People at Low tide at Sunset at the Bay”
3rd Place - Nicholas Colocci, Age 15 of Haddonfield for “Hop”
Honorable Mentions were awarded to: Heather Bailey, Age 13 of Fishing Creek for “My Dog Toby;” Nicholas Cantlin, Age 16 of Villas for “Kitten Hiding in Flowers, and Erin Mayer, Age 14 of Cape May Beach for “My Sister Shea Posing While Making Chocolate Chip Cookies.”


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Games on Tour article from the Cape May County Herald

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Article and Photo by Leslie Truluck, Cape May County Herald

(Many thanks to Leslie and everyone at the Herald for all their wonderful support)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Book Wednesday

The Summoning by Kelley Armstong
Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer
The Clique Summer Collection: Claire by Lisi Harrison
Bloodsong by Melvin Burgess
Bone by Bone by Bone by Tony Johnston
The Reminder by Rune Michaels
Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler
More Bones: Scary Stories from Around the World by Various Authors

Stuff On My Cat: The Book by Mario Garza

Graphic Novels
To Dance: A Ballerina's Graphic Novel by Siena Cherson Siegel
Avengers: The Initiative by Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli
Town Boy by Lat
Skim by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki
Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon and Dean Hale, Illustrated by Nathan Hale
Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer
Superman: True Brit by Various Authors
Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman and others

Monday, August 25, 2008

August 25-29

Hey everyone,
I'll be out of the library all this week on the Video Games on Tour @ the Library event, so posts will be random this week! I'll be back full time next week...

I hope to see you out at one of the libraries for this event!

August 25: Cape May Library
August 26: Lower Twp. Library
August 27: Wildwood Crest Library
August 28: Sea Isle City Library
August 29: Upper Twp. Library

We'll be there from 12pm-3pm.

-Justin The Librarian

Friday, August 22, 2008

Beatles Trivia

(Click on the picture above to enlarge)

Hidden within the picture above are lyrics to 7 songs by The Beatles.
Be the first person to reply to this post with the seven correct song titles and win a copy of the album The Beatles 1! (Or you can send an email to with the correct answer)

(Hint? Two of the songs in this picture are from the album The Beatles 1)
PS. This contest is open to Cape May County Teens ages 12-18 only!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Video Games on Tour!

Starting next Monday....

August 25 @ Cape May Library
August 26 @ Lower Twp. Library
August 27 @ Wildwood Crest Library
August 28 @ Sea Isle City Library
August 29 @ Upper Twp. Library



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Book Wednesday

Graphic Novels
Man With The Screaming Brain by Bruce Campbell and Others
Action Philosophers Volume 2 by Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunlavey
Action Philosophers Volume 3 by Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunlavey

Trigun Maximum by Yasuhiro Nightow
(we have the whole series, Volumes 1 through 12!)

Video Game Strategy Guides
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Grand Theft Auto IV
Ninja Gaiden II
Mario Kart Wii
Metal Gear Solid 4
Rock Band: Official Game Guide
Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure

Strays by Ron Koertge
Touching Snow by M. Sindy Felin
Sucker Punch by David Hernandex
This Is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis
Geek Magnet by Kieran Scott
The Year My Sister Got Lucky by Aimee Friedman
Evolution, Me, & Other Freaks of Nature by Robin Brande
The Fifth of March: A Story of the Boston Massacre by Ann Rinaldi
Sunrise over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers
Streams of Babel by Carol Plum-Ucci
Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You by Peter Cameron
Debbie Harry Sings In French by Meagan Brothers

Non Fiction
I Don't Want To Be Crazy by Samantha Schutz
Escape: The Story of The Great Houdini by Sid Fleischman
Punk: The Definitive Record of a Revolution by Stephen Colegrave & Chris Sullivan
The History Highway: A 21st Century Guide to Internet Resources by Various Authors
Skateboarding: Legendary Tricks by Steve Badillo
Eagle Blue: A Team, A Tribe, and a High School Basketball Season in Artic Alaska by Michael D'Orso
Modern American Lives by Blaine T. Browne and Robert C. Cottrell
No Choirboy by Susan Kuklin

and we're proud to present a new addition to our library...
Guitar Tablature Books
Play Guitar With AC/DC
Rock Band: Songs from the Video Game
Fall Out Boy-Infinity on High

(the guitar tablature books can be found in our Teen Non-Fiction section under the call number 787.871)

-Justin The Librarian

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Books on CD

Did you know that we have a pretty huge selection of Teen books on CD?
I myself am a HUGE fan of audiobooks. Why? I tend to fall asleep when reading fiction, so listening to audiobooks spices things up a bit...I don't fall asleep (this is a good thing).
I also must admit...when I was in high school I'd listen to the audio books instead of reading. Cheating? Not at all. It was more fun that way for me.
Check out our audiobook section in the teen room. It's in the center of the room (you can't miss it). If there are any specific titles you'd like to see at the library, let me know. I will order them for you!
-Justin The Teen Librarian

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cool website for the Week of August 17-23

Be Green!
Want to be a greener person?
Here are some great websites to give you some pointers.

Tons of information and links on being green.
Lots of great articles on the latest green news.
How to make EVERYTHING green.
A Green blog, updated regularly with lots of great green ideas
Need a gift for someone? Get a great green gift at this website.
I suggest checking out the Green Living Podcast

Also, we've got some great books here at the library dedicated to just this...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Have a good weekend!

Things for me to do this weekend

WATCH: Persepolis on DVD.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name...which I loved!

LISTEN: Genesis: Live Over Europe 2007

Does liking this band make me old? I don't care because I love them!

READ: Re-Gifters by Mike Carey, artwork by Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel

Part of the new graphic novel series by Minx (check them out here). These books look really good.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Movie Review: Semi Pro

Will Ferrell revisits the 1970s in the 2008 New Line Cinema release of Semi-Pro, where he once again displays his physical prowess. Instead of lacing-up a pair figure skates and stretching on a leotard or strapping on a helmet and sliding behind the wheel of a stock car, Ferrell puts on his old school Adidas kicks and tiny shorts to hit the court. He plays Jackie Moon, a one-hit-wonder who used his pop royalties to purchase a team in the American Basketball Association (ABA), the Flint Tropics. But, owning the team is not enough for Moon. No, he is also the coach and power forward for the Tropics. The ABA is on the brink of collapse; that means certain elimination of the Tropics in the upcoming NBA expansion. Thanks to shrewd negotiation tactics, Moon convinces the ABA to wait until the end of the season and save the four best teams. However, this proves to be more difficult than Moon could have predicted. The Tropics are in dead last with dismal attendance. Desperate to save the team, Moon makes a major acquisition, he trades the team’s washing machine for an over-the-hill benchwarmer from the championship Celtics. Ed Monix (Woody Harrelson) moves to Flint Michigan to regain his former glory and re-kindle an old romance. Unfortunately, Monix doesn’t do too well on the court, but he makes a pretty solid coach. He replaces Moon (after an intense temper-tantrum) and teaches the team a thing or two about fundamental basketball skills and sportsmanship. There is one bright spot in the Tropics forecast, Clarence Black Coffee (Andre Benjamin). Black Coffee is the team’s most talented player; he has big dreams of making it in the NBA. In the meantime, Moon is trying to create exciting half-time activities to bring in the crowds. One stunt involves Moon, a cage, and a bear. Trying not to give too much away, let’s just say that Moon’s tricks don’t help fill the seats.

Overall, this is not the best Ferrell movie, it is no Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy or Old School, but it is still very funny. If you like Will Ferrell, then you will laugh out loud plenty. You will also see some very funny and familiar faces. Andre Benjamin (A/K/A Andre 3000) of Outkast and Four Brothers; Woody Harrelson of Cheers and Kingpin; Will Arnett of Arrested Development and Blades of Glory; and Maura Tierney of Liar Liar, NewsRadio and ER help round out the supporting cast. There are also few other cast members you may recognize, but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out. This is Kent Alterman’s directorial debut, but he has been in the industry for a few years working as a producer. A few of his production credits include Elf, Strangers with Candy, The Upright Citizens Brigade, Mr. Woodcock, A History of Violence, and Son of the Mask. In the end, I give it three out of five stars, so stop by the Cape May Library and check out Semi-Pro.

Many thanks to Lisa The Technology Librarian for this review...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Book Wednesday

The A-List by Zoey Dean
Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar
Frogs and French Kisses by Sarah Mlynowski
Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer
All Shook Up by Shelley Pearsall

Non Fiction
Making Comics by Scott McCloud
(very cool! Has the form of a graphic novel but teaches you how to draw them!)

(some old, some new....just thought I'd call your attention to everything that's come across my desk this week) -Justin The Librarian

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Teen Yoga!

We've still got a few spots left open for our Teen Yoga class...

If you're interested, come on down to the library on Wednesdays at 3:45pm.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cool website for the Week of August 10-16

In honor of Stephenie Meyer's latest book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Book Review: "Batman: The Long Halloween" by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

In the spirit of the recently released movie The Dark Knight I thought I'd review the graphic novel Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.

What you'll find while reading the most excellent "Batman: The Long Halloween" is that the film "The Dark Knight" borrows quite a bit from this book. The graphic novel opens with Batman, Comissioner Gordon, and Harvey Dent trying to take down the mobsters in Gotham City, specifically Carmine "The Roman" Falcone. The mobsters are plaguing the city and need to be stopped. As an interesting parallel to this story, we see that the result of Gordon, Dent, and Batman's work as the driving force behind the decay of their home life. They keep missing important events such as birthdays and holidays, as their quest to capture the crime bosses in Gotham City has almost become an obsession.

The plot thickens when members of the Falcone family are murdered. Oddly enough, all of these murders occur on holidays, thus giving the killer the nickname "Holiday". In turn, the Falcone family must turn to what they call "the freaks" of Gotham City, specifically villians like The Riddler and The Joker. The problems pile on when these characters are introduced into the mix, making for an interesting mix.

Eventually, we get to see Harvey Dent's transformation into Two-Face. I won't spoil how it happens, but let me just say that if you enjoyed the movie version of this transformation you'll most likely enjoy this one.

Do they find out who Holiday is? What becomes of the Falcone family?

To find out, read Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. I give it like 7 thumbs up.

-Justin The Librarian

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Non-Fiction: Not so boring anymore

Usually, when people think of Non-Fiction books, (you know, the ones with the Dewey Decimal numbers like 751.43 on them) they either think A)that they're for learning only and B) they must be sort of boring.

Well, I'm doing my best to change all of that.

Here are some great new Non-Fiction books that you can find at the Teen Zone of the Cape May County Library

Take Me To Your Leader: Weird Facts, Bizzarre Stories, and Life's Oddities
by Ian Harrison

The title and the dog dressed up as Yoda on the front cover just about sums this one up. Ever had a random thought and wanted to know more about it? Chances are, you'll find it in this book. Plus, it's full of really cool pictures...and everyone loves pictures.

Here's an example of what to expect in the book: Did you know that in Missouri it is illegal for drivers to carry uncaged bears? Something to keep in mind...

The Guerilla Art Kit: Everything You Need To Put Your Message Out Into The World
by Keri Smith

Ever wanted to make stencils, fortunes for fortune cookies, or your own postcards? This is the book for you. You'll find those projects and more to help get your message out into the world in this book.

My favorite project? How to make your own hidden fortunes and then hide them in random areas.

The Ultimate History of Video Games: From Pong to Pokemon
by Steve Kent

Love Video games? Do you come to all of our Game Nights at the library? This is the book for you. You'll find out everything you've ever wanted to know about Mario, Halo, Donkey Kong, and more in this book. Even if you don't like video games, this book is full of so much great history that it can easily be used for a school project. Tired of writing about topics like Abraham Lincoln for your homework? Try out this book and give you teacher a history lesson on video games

John Lennon: All I Want Is The Truth
A Photographic Biography by Elizabeth Partridge

A fantastic look at one of the coolest musicians of the last century. You'll get glimpses of John Lennon as a teen right up to his last days before he was murdered in December 1980. This book was one of the Michael L. Printz Award Honor books in 2006.

Enjoy the Non-Fiction!

-Justin The Librarian

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Book Wednesday

Video Game Strategy Guides
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
(a rather small crop of new books this week. Not to worry...I've got lots more that will be in soon.)
By the way, anyone want to write any reviews for the blog? Let me know...
Send any submissions to

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're taking our Game Night out on the road this month...

August 25 Cape May Branch Library
August 26 Lower Twp. Branch Library
August 27 Wildwood Crest Branch Library
August 28 Sea Isle City Branch Library
August 29 Upper Twp. Branch Library

12-3pm at all locations. All ages are welcome to come and play some video games!

We hope to see you there.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Teen Podcast Episode 0

Here it is...the first episode of the Teen Podcast.

Want to help us with our next podcast? We need you to help review books, music, DVD's or just talk about some interesting things. We here at the library just want you to be part of the experience!

Please reply to me by email if you're interested in helping (or if you'd like just reply to this post) Any teens ages 12-18 are welcome to join in.

(want to download the podcast? right click here and "save target as")