Thursday, June 19, 2008

Book review: "The House of Night" series by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Review by Beth
I read all three of the House of Night novels that are out so far, as have most of my friends. I read the books because of my friends' praise, but I wasn't wowed. They seemed to be a bit shallow. The main character goes from being a normal high school girl, to being a special fledgling vampire with special talents that speaks to a Goddess, to trying to fit in at her new school, to having three boyfriends at much happens to this one girl in such a short amount of time. That's another thing- it's pretty rushed. The entire series up to the point it's at now took place only over a month or so- that's three books. The fact that everything happens so quickly takes away any believability that might be in a vampire book. Plus the fact that nothing happens to anyone but her, and her universe revolves around herself and occasionally something will happen to her immediate friends, but those events aren't focused on so much as her personal problems. Which I guess is what you can expect from a book that's written in first person view of a somewhat self-abosorbed girl with a lot of issues at once... all in all, it wasn't written very well, however I do think it had a fair storyline, and I will continue to follow the series.

Review by Kaitlyn and Madison

This books is a new way to look a vampyres. It's not like every tale of blood sucking monsters roaming the streets hunting for people. This book is the second in a series that tells the story of a young teen girl that not by choice is thrown into a world other then hers. She has to deal with everything all people have to deal with in their teen years, you know struggles with friends, family, and life choices. To top that off she is the "Chosen" one. Zoey has more power then any other vampyre fledgling her age and does not know all the power she has. After she imprints with her human boyfriend he starts to follow her around and she starts flirting with Erik the hottest boy in the school the trouble starts and Zoey loses her best friend Stevie Rae. P.C and Kristen Cast have created a book that teens can relate to but with the twist that all the kids are vampyres.
Titles in "The House of Night" series by P.C. and Kristin Cast:

#3: Chosen
#4: Untamed (to be released in Late 2008)

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