Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Music Reviews: Silversun Pickups, Band of Horses, and Vampire Weekend

Silversun Pickups
My musical taste tends to run into many genres. I have to say that I listen to a little bit of everything. So when I find a band that I just can’t stop listening to, there is something to be said. Silversun Pickups is one of those bands. Carnavas is the latest album from this west coast band. It is a blend highly melodic sounds, distorted backgrounds and fuzzed-out bass. They’re most notable song to date is “Lazy Eye” which frequented MTV several months ago, but the song is only the tip of the iceberg. Other audio-delights include, “Well thought out Twinkles” and “Melatonin,” as well as my personal favorite, “Dream at Tempo 119.” This indie-L.A. band is a throw-back to the alternative rock of the 90’s, and is definitely worth listening too.

Band of Horses
Another band that has caught my short-attention span is Band of Horses with their latest album, Cease to Begin. They are most recognized for “A Ghost in my House” which frequents the airwaves of Sirus’ Alt-Nation. They are a rock band that exudes Southern sound. As well as the Silversun Pickups, this band has become part of the beloved, and highly selective, rotation in my iPod. The music is stunning and layered and the vocals are melancholic and haunting. They remind me of the scene in Forrest Gump, when Tom Hanks is running across the country with Jackson Browne's "Running on Empty” blaring in the background. This is the type of music you can get lost in.
Check of Band of Horses new album Cease To Begin at the library

Vampire Weekend
Finally, I have to recommend the impressive self-titled debut album from Vampire Weekend. This is not your everyday punk band. First of all, they style evokes nostalgia about preppy 80’s movies. Think Pretty in Pink. All the songs are upbeat, and include a variety of instruments, including the use of African drums and the forgotten musical art-form of the keyboard. (A huge invention that plagued the entire decade of the 80’s.) This album is album is fun and entirely refreshing to hear against a lot of the manufactured music plaguing airwaves today. It is the perfect summer album.

Many thanks to Melissa The Librarian for all of today's music reviews.

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