Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Library Databases are Good!

If you're in high school, chances are that you've wondered what you'll be doing in the near future. The question Is it college or do I get a job right out of high school? may be stuck in your head right now. You may even know what you want to do and where you want go.
Want to know more about the career ideas you are having?
Want to figure out what is best for you after high school?
We've got this really cool database at the library called
Ferguson's Career Guidance Center that will help you answer all the questions you have.
The Career Guidance Center offers a comprehensive career guidance through extensive job and industry profiles, career forecasting, and a monthly newsletter.
Once you're in the database, you can pick from these three catagories:
Under this section you pick that career that you're interested in and BAM! You'll be presented with an outlook on the job for the future, information on how to get started in that career, and some contact information for the major organizations involved with that career.
Are you going for an interview? Need to learn how to write a cover letter or a resume? All the help you need is right here.
Looking at colleges that offer a specific path? For example, say you want to be a librarian. This section will help you find all the schools that offer Library Science as a major. Plus, there's a guide for getting grants, scholarships, and more.
...And that's about all for now! Check out Ferguson's Career Guidance Center here:
Any questions? Stop by the library and ask one of our librarians for help...

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