Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review: Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link

What is it?
Nine short stories that range from the fantastical to the macabre.

Digging up a dead girlfriend. Wizards that live in tall towers and enslave children. The World-Tree Library. A dog-skin purse with an entire faery world inside of it. The Specialist's Hat made with human teeth. Aliens and surfers. Monsters, murder, and magical fruit. Werewolves and ghosts that drink blood.

Kelly Link has created nine short stories that are magical, macabre, strange, scary, weird, and grotesque. She weaves all of these themes into her tales about friendship, love, family, the desire to be something (or something more), along with the awkwardness that sometimes accompanies adolescence. Her stories will leave you wanting more.

Awards:YALSA Best Books for Young Adults 2009Booklist Editors' Choice--Books for Youth: Older Readers Category 2008

This book has also received praise from such notable publications as Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Library School Journal and Booklist.

-Review by Melissa The Librarian

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